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Things I need to know. Part 1

Recently we signed a contract with a new client to work on reverse engineering an existing product.  I took one of our engineers to meet this client to talk with him and to find out the actual requirements of the product, so that the engineer would be prepared to make those changes in his design implementation.  The interesting part was that while the engineer & the client were talking alone, the client said “hey, you know, I really need this thing by the end of July, but don’t tell the owner, I don’t want him to worry about it”.  Now, I appreciate his concern, but that’s something I need to know.  Scheduling time for a project without a deadline is a very difficult thing, and if I had not been told about the July deadline, we might have failed this client, just because he didn’t want me to “worry about it”.  I need to make sure that doesn’t happen.  So how do we encourage our clients to be up front with us and to really give us the scoop on what they need?

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